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Troy Township / Fiscal Officer
P: (419) 837-5385
F: (419) 837-9636

Fire & EMS
P: (419) 833-5422

Trustees / Roads / Cemetery
P: (419) 833-5111

P: (419) 833-4040
C: (419) 494-6086

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Map showing Luckey, OH

P.O. Box 128
311 Krotzer Ave.
Luckey, OH 43443

Troy Township

Serving Its Residents

Troy firestationTroy Township is a body corporate and politic established to exercise the rights and privileges conveyed to it by the constitution and laws of the State of Ohio. The Township is directed by a publicly-elected three member Board of Trustees. The Township provides general governmental services, including cemetery maintenance, fire protection, and emergency medical services. The Township contracts with he Wood County Sheriff's department to provide security of persons and property.


Map of Wood county showing Troy TownshipTroy Township has a population of 4,355 with 1,710 housing units, according to the 2000 US census. The Township is approximately 43 square miles of rural area, and encompasses Luckey, Stony Ridge, and Lemoyne. Troy Township is home to the Eastwood School System, Otterbein Portage Valley nursing facility, Luckey Farmers, Troy Energy power plant, Home Depot Distribution Center and NSG Glass Factory.

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